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FK-5-1-12 is the world’s most widely selected extinguishing clean gas agent, for use in new applications and widely accepted as a substitute to Halon. It is suitable for use in a wide range of fire extinguishing applications, including total flooding and inerting.

PRO™5112 FK-5-1-12 systems are safe for use in occupied spaces and can reach extinguishing levels in 10 seconds or less, stopping ordinary combustible, electrical, and flammable liquid fires before they cause significant damage.

PRO™5112 FK-5-1-12 systems are designed to prevent the damage that can be caused by water by putting out the fire before it gets out of control. Several seconds can mean the difference between a minor inconvenience and a business stopping fire. When fire is extinguished quickly, it means an extra margin of safety for the people, less damage, and lower repair costs. It also means less disruption and downtime for business.

FK-5-1-12 agent has been validated by independent agencies, recognised from Underwriters Laboratories (UL). FK-5-1-12 is listed as an acceptable agent for the replacement of Halon 1301 and new applications in the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) Significant New Alternative Policy (SNAP) program in total flooding systems. FK-5-1-12 has a zero ozone depletion potential (ODP) and is the environmentally preferred alternative to Halon 1301. FK-5-1-12 is included in the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 2001 Clean Agent Standard and the International Standards Organization (ISO) 15004 Clean Agent Standard.

PRO™5112 FK-5-1-12 systems extinguishes fires mainly by physical means, but also by some chemical means. PRO™5112 FK-5-1-12 total flooding systems may be used for extinguishing fires of all classes within the limits specified in EN 15004-1:2008 and NFPA 2001.

Because FK-5-1-12 agent is electrically non-conductive agent (it is also odourless and colourless), that protects people, high value assets, and the continuity of business operations. FK-5-1-12 is effective both in the protection of electrical hazards such as computer rooms, electrical rooms and data centers. Furthermore, it is suitable for Class A fires (fires including solid material), as well as for Class B fires (flammable liquids) and Class C fires (flamable gases).


Total Flooding of Surface Class A and Higher Class A Hazards

FK-5-1-12 agent is an ideal choice for applications involving Surface Class A (plastic, cellulosic, solid) and Higher Class A hazards. FK-5-1-12 is suitable for use in Class A and and Higher Class A applications where people are normally present (normally occupied spaces). Examples of applications where PRO™5112 FK-5-1-12 systems are excellent choice for a total flood fire suppression system where people are present include in certain instances, equipment remains electrically energized during and after fire extinguishing system activation like computer rooms, telecommunication switch stations and facilities, semiconductor manufacturing facilities, data processing centers, clean rooms, industrial process control rooms, museums, libraries, and historical sites.

Total Flooding of Class B and Class C Hazards

FK-5-1-12 agent is suitable for the protection of Class B (liquid) and Class C (gas) fire hazards. Examples of these applications are; engine compartments, enclosed oil transformers, petrochemical facilities, chemical storage rooms, paint lockers, enclosed gas turbines and generator rooms and other areas where hydrocarbon-based materials are stored or handled.


The no observable adverse effect level (NOAEL) for any end point of acute toxicity has been determined to be 10 volume percent (100,000 ppmv) in air. With a NOAEL of 10%, there is consensus that PRO™5112 fluid is not only safe for its intended end use but that it provides a large margin of safety relative to the typical design concentrations of fire protection systems. Typical design concentrations in the range of 4.5 to 5.9 volume percent result in safety margins of 69% to 122% (according to manufacturers test results).