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Modular PROSMART Cabinet System is an easy installation solution alternative to a single cylinder systems. The cabinet includes a cylinder with actuators and accessories, extinguishing control panel with release button, 1st and 2nd stage sounder and combined sounder beacons and field connectors.

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PRO™227 HFC-227ea and PRO™5112 FK-5-1-12 systems are inspected and approved by VdS (Vertrauen durch Sicherheit), safe for use in occupied spaces and can reach extinguishing levels in 10 seconds or less, stopping ordinary combustible, electrical, and flammable liquid fires before they cause significant damage.

PRO™SMART systems are designed to prevent the damage that can be caused by water by putting out the fire before it gets out of control. Several seconds can mean the difference between a minor inconvenience and a business stopping fire. When fire extinguished quickly, it means an extra margin of safety for the people, less damage, and lower repair costs. It also means less disruption and downtime for business.

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PRO™227 and PRO™5112 systems are inspected and approved by VdS (Vertrauen durch Sicherheit in Germany). All related accessories of discharge valves, release devices, discharge accessories are approved by VdS (Vertrauen durch Sicherheit in Germany). Hydraulic calculations are performed by VdS Software (Vertrauen durch Sicherheit in Germany).

Cylinders are all PED and TPED certified and sizes are available capacity with min test pressure of 69 bar. HFC-227ea (a.k.a. FM200) agent and FK-5-1-12 (a.k.a NOVEC) are UL and FM Approved. Nozzles from ⅜” up to 2” and made of brass. 180 or 360 degrees models available.

PRO™SMART cabinet cylinder capacities are 8lt, 16lt, 20 lt, 32lt, 52lt and 80 lt.